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Northstar has been providing recruiting services since 2000 and our goal is to assist our clients in attracting top talent, always delivering quality candidates with outstanding records.

By blending proven recruiting methods with the highest levels of ethics and professionalism, we strive to function not just as a vendor, but also as a trusted advisor.

What Clients Are Saying

“Your knowledge of the business domain, your gift of communication, and your extensive network of relationships and contacts are the best I have seen. You and the Northstar team get my enthusiastic vote for best of breed in professional recruiting.”

“Northstar Recruiting is the only firm in this industry that truly specializes in the biometrics market.”

“Northstar has a well deserved reputation for being the premier recruiters in the rapidly expanding world of biometrics. Both employers and job seekers should go to Northstar first in their recruiting and search efforts.”

“In a single conversation Jane was able to grasp the context and requirements for the position we were recruiting for. Her knowledge of the space and our business context, along with her “bench” of industry candidates resulted in several candidates being quickly identified, all of which turned out to be excellent, and one of which will be joining our firm. I would highly recommend Jane as she has been a pleasure to deal with and extremely effective.”

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