How to Earn a Degree While Working

Over hundreds of conversations, I’ve come to the conclusion that one of the most difficult things to accomplish is to earn a degree while holding down a full time job. I take my hat goes off to anyone who’s juggling school, work and family… it’s a scheduling nightmare and a tough and frustrating existence at best.

The main problem to contend with is timing… or rather, a lack of it! How do you find time to study and make good grades when you’re on rotating call, your boss just gave you another major project, you’re behind schedule and your family is dropping SERIOUS hints that they would really like to have slightly more than 5% of your time and attention!

One solution has come about as a result of the Internet… the Online Campus program. I can honestly say that if I were to go back and get another degree it would definitely be via this avenue. In one particular program I’m very familiar with the classes are 6 weeks long, you take one course at a time and, because it’s online, you just download your homework, complete the assignments then upload to the instructor for grading. Don’t get me wrong… it’s a tough road and you will be stretched and challenged just like you would in any traditional campus classroom but the key is TIMING. You complete your assignments at any time of the day you wish… maybe you’re a night owl and prefer the 9pm to 1am time slot …or, for the early birds, 4am to 7am might work best. And best of all there’s no commute time unless, of course, you count the 10 seconds it takes to walk to your computer (including a detour by the coffee-pot).

There are a number of online campus programs around… an Internet search will provide a wealth of information and, as we all know…information is a powerful thing! If you’re contemplating a return to school and have questions I’d be happy to send you some additional information.

The main problem to contend with is timing… or rather, a lack of it!